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My name is Rina Nisman, aka RiRi, the original RiRi (sorry Rihanna, I actually came up with RiRi first AND .. I’m older). I have always been pretty active from a young age ranging from aerobics, tap and jazz, gymnastics, ballroom dance, and working out at the local YMCA. It wasn’t until a turning point in my life that I realized where my true passion lies.

There came a point in my life that was a pretty dark period for me, but there was only one thing that really helped me get out of my funk – working out. By challenging myself in new ways and building a stronger more fit me gave my the confidence and positivity that I so desperately needed at the time. It was a revelation – working out not only helped me physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. It brought a new light into my world, one that changed me forever.

Given this spiritual awakening, I want to bring the same type of healing to others. I want to help and motivate others to be the most fit, fabulous, and desirable you. Make fitness and a healthy lifestyle your priority, and with my help we can get you the results you have been dreaming of. Stop Dreaming and Lets Start Living!

I am a Certified INSANITY Instructor as well as a Certified NASM Personal Trainer.

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